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Another day at Ngoboka Nursery School……

…there was a lot of action going on in a vivid, but also peaceful atmosphere.

During corner play a total of around 90 children, divided into two classes, were engaged in several different activities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the activities…

In the construction corner, the builders were very busy building a huge house, with outside toilets and a shower. Inside the house they even built rooms separated by walls. Everything was precisely measured and done with the greatest accuracy.

Of course a lot of materials were needed to accomplish the buildings, so cars were driving back and forth to deliver stones, sand and cement. “I need more cement!” one of the boys yelled to the truck driver. Quickly the cargo was delivered and unloaded. Of course the boss had to pay for his order.

One of the builders has a mental and physical problem, but it didn’t stop him from working very hard and he was completely included in his group of work mates. Together they were discussing how to make a strong construction and what step to take next.

At the same time, some mothers were busy preparing food for their children. Different ingredients were used. While the mothers were cooking, their babies were sleeping at their backs.

This week a tailor opened his atelier at Ngoboka Nursery School and was busy making clothes, working by himself. One of the mothers decided to order a skirt for her baby. So the tailor started to design and then sew. With a needle and thread the skirt was finished in a jiffy.

While the mother went out for a walk with some other women, she was spotted by the tailor who saw her somewhere up ahead. He called her to come to pick the skirt. So the women changed direction and went to see the tailor.

The mother tried the skirt on her baby and as the result satisfied her, she asked how much she needed to pay. After paying 1000,- Rwf she went home happily to continue her domestic work.

The tailor was already immersed in a new assignment and didn’t even say goodbye…

At the end of corner play time, when most children had already gone outside for the break, two children were still busy. They had no time to relax. They designed and made their own glasses and were working hard finishing these. Look how innovative they are!

Will there be another new shop next week at Ngoboka NS….?

Gerjanne van Ravenhorst, 8th September 2018.

On the occasion of the end of the second year in Rwanda, working as an International Education Advisor for VSO’s Itegure Kwiga Project in Nyamasheke district

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