Social Impact Activities

Social Impact Activities are part of Twiga dukina’s strategy, to give back to the community in Shangi Sector, Nyamasheke district.

Twiga dukina does the following Social Impact Activities:

  • Running a Play Center & Community Library (Ikigo cy’imikino & Isomero rusange)
    • Sport & Games for Primary school children, every Saturday
    • Playful Foundational Learning for selected P2 and P3 learners with reading / learning challenges, 4 afternoons per week
    • Playful Adult Literacy for youth (18+) and adults who want to learn English or Kinyarwanda, 2 times a week
    • Occasionally activities for children and adults in the community
  • Coaching and training ECE teachers in Shangi, Nyabitekeri and Bushenge sector
  • Advice for teachers & parents


Gerjanne van Ravenhorst
MEd Learning & Innovation

Founder and managing Director
Author - Advisor – Trainer – Coach

Early childhood & Primary education
Expert in play-based learning

Nyamasheke district, Rwanda
+ 250 781447354

TIN number: 108991740

In the past I have worked as an ECE advisor for two VSO projects in Rwanda:
Itegure Kwiga & Itegure Gusoma

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