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Play Center & Community Library

Since the end of May ’22 Twiga dukina has a Play Center & Community Library (Ikigo cy’imikino & Isomero rusange) in Shangi sector, Nyamasheke district.

In the Play Center & Community Library several play-based activities take place. 

Playful Foundational Learning

During weekdays, Twiga dukina runs an additional support Program: ‘Playful Foundational Learning’. This program is for selected children from P2 and P3 from the neighbouring school. These children face difficulties in reading and writing. Many of them also had challenges with activities, such as: rope skipping, bouncing with a ball with right and left hand, symmetric drawing, etc. 

Through all kinds of playful and sporting activities, the program is focusing on brain stimulation  and holistic brain development (including collaboration between the left & right brain hemisphere and development of Executive Functions), which will have a positive impact on academic skills of these children. 

Sport & Games

Every Saturday ± 200 children and ± 20 volunteer coaches gather together at the playground in Shangi.

They are engaged in all kinds of activities:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Tag-rugby
  • Karate
  • Drawing
  • Traditional Dance
  • Reading and playing games

These activities have been successful to date.  

It is important to note that previously there were no such activities / clubs for the children in this village. We now see improvements in their sport abilities (gross motor skills, ball skills, etc.), as well as in their concentration, focus and ability to follow instructions. The intention is that these activities will be sustainable and the improvements will be seen in all areas of children’s lives.

Playful Adult Literacy

Three times a week, a group of youth (age 18+) and adults come to the center. Most learn English, some learn how to read in their mother tongue Kinyarwanda. They can also develop computer skills, play a game or make a puzzle.