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Learning through play: A picture book & posters

Twiga dukina has developed:

  • a picture book about the importance of play in Early Childhood Education. The book is available in Kinyarwanda and English (depending on the size).
  • two posters with an indoor and outdoor learning environment for Early Childhood Education.

* * *A picture says more than a thousand words! * * *

Why a picture book & posters for adults?

The book is written for those who raise or educate young children (parents, ECE teachers, ECD caregivers, TTC students, etc.) or those who work with their parents (community volunteers).

Many adults lack sufficient reading skills to read books easily. The images in this book will help them understand and remember the message of the story very well! Once the comparison has been made, it will stick in their minds and activities in their daily life will remind them of the story regularly.

Since play-based learning is a new approach in Rwanda, the posters will help to create a clear image of a play-based learning environment. When observing the posters you will immediately see and understand how a play-based environment can look like. This can not be explained in words only. 

Use of the book & posters

The book can be used as an introduction to the topic ‘play-based learning’. After finishing it, the reader will understand why play-based learning is important in ECE schools, ECD centres and at home.

The posters can be used to show how a play-based learning environment looks like. 

This makes them a perfect training tool for:

  • Field workers of NGO’s
  • Community volunteers
  • School Based Mentors
  • TTC tutors
  • Trainers & coaches

They are also very useful for ECE teachers, ECD caregivers, community volunteers, etc. to read to parents and other members of the community, during:

  • Parent meetings
  • Community meetings
  • Umuganda
  • Akagoroba k’ababyeyi
  • Awareness campaigns

It is especially important at the beginning of each academic year, to ensure parents will know what they can expect their child to do in nursery school.

Are you interested in the book or the posters? Please contact us. 

–> Of course the real posters will have clear images and without these magnifying glasses.

Currently available:
🦋A3 posters hard lamination, set of two (corner play + outdoor play) = 8.000,- rwf
🦋A2 posters pull up banner material, set of two (corner play + outdoor play) = 15.000,- rwf
🦋A5 softcover book in Kinyarwanda = 7.000 rwf
🦋A4 hardcover book in English = 20.000 rwf
🦋A3 flip-over book with text in English and Kinyarwanda in one book = 50.000,- rwf
(47.500,- in combination with the A4 English book).

Promotion video

The book is approved by
Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB)
and endorsed by 
National Early Childhood Development Program of Rwanda
(now called National Child Development Agency).