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Author: Gerjanne van Ravenhorst

I am the director of Twiga dukina and a teacher, advisor, trainer and coach with a Bachelor in Pre-Primary & Primary Education and a Master in Learning & Innovation. My biggest passion is PLAY! I believe play is a basic need for children and I advocate for play in all schools. I was already playing from a very early age in nursery school and up till now I still enjoy to play a game with peers, friends and children!

A picture book about play

Currently Twiga dukina is developing a picture book. This book will be titled ‘Twiga dukina – the importance of play-based learning’. It seeks to promote play based learning to everybody who works with children in Early Childhood Development (ECD), between 3-6 years.
This book will make sure that people understand what young children are supposed to do in ECE schools, ECD centres and at home.

In the book the importance of play will be explained through a metaphor and many illustrations, which will help beneficiaries to understand easily why they should give children time to play, explore, discover, create and develop, so the child will be able to evolve and thrive!

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An organized class is an organized mind

As mentioned before: Qualitative play-based education starts with good classroom organization and management.

Today we will talk a bit more about classroom organization, because an organized class is also an organized mind: a mind ready for teaching and learning! An organized class will reduce waiting time during activities and helps everybody to easily and quickly access all materials they need: teachers ánd children.
It will increase learning time for children! Isn’t that what we want?

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100% rule

Qualitative play-based education starts with good classroom organization and management.

Often I visit schools where teachers face challenges with managing their class. Children are not listening to their teacher and have their own conversations and activities. As a result the teacher starts to speak louder and louder, which turns even into shouting.

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