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An organized class is an organized mind

As mentioned before: Qualitative play-based education starts with good classroom organization and management.

Today we will talk a bit more about classroom organization, because an organized class is also an organized mind: a mind ready for teaching and learning! An organized class will reduce waiting time during activities and helps everybody to easily and quickly access all materials they need: teachers ánd children.
It will increase learning time for children! Isn’t that what we want?

In my home country the Netherlands, before opening the new academic year, teachers make sure that their classroom looks attractive, that all materials are clean and that broken materials are replaced or repaired. Each material has its own place and way of storage. When children enter class at the first day, they enter in an organized classroom. Everything is ready: the learning can start!

It is not rarely that I enter classrooms which are disorganized, with dirty, broken or incomplete play materials. The little the teachers have, isn’t used and kept in the right way.

What can a child do with pencils without paper? Or with dried out markers, because they weren’t covered well? What to do with a puzzle with only a few pieces or pieces which are all around the classroom in different boxes and all mixed up? How to use beads which are too strongly tight with a rope so that children can’t start using them? Materials which are dirty or broken? And all these materials are mixed up with other unusable materials.

My advice is: first organize everything what is available and you will see that you have more than you knew!

When availing materials for children make sure that the materials are ready to use. By the end of the day, before going home, check if the materials are ready for the next day. If not: repair or replace them.
It is advisable to store materials per corner. Each corner needs its own place of storage. If there is a lack of cup boards, it is easy to use empty carton boxes or bags made from rice sacks.
Create space for materials for numeracy, literacy, books, role play, construction and creative & arts.

If materials are organized in the right way it will make lessons
more efficient and effective!
There is more time for children to play, create, explore and evolve!

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