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‘Rubbish’ is gold!

Playful education doesn’t have to be costly.
For children it is important to get many hands-on experiences so they can develop their senses, fine & gross motor skills and make new connections in their brain.

Therefor teachers should create an attractive learning environment where there is enough to do and to see for children.

Often I hear the excuses ‘But we don’t have materials.’
Those teachers forget that their own environment is a great source to find Teaching and Learning Materials. There are so many materials in the environment that can be used, but which are seen as ‘useless’.
Think about bottle tops, toilet rolls, covers, carton boxes, beans, corn, and so on.

Remember: There is almost nothing useless in ECE! ‘Rubbish’ is gold!

Think outside the box.
Imagine possibilities.
Be creative & innovative!

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