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Twiga dukina believes that every child needs to learn through play and that every adult needs to understand that play is a basic right for children.

Twiga dukina brings play into the community, with a focus on Early Childhood & Primary Education. We help schools and centres implement play-based & learner-centred methodologies. We raise awareness in the community about the importance of play.

* The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow: through play we build human capital development.

* It takes a village to raise a child: parents, teachers, leaders and other community members need to know the importance of play, to be able to create possibilities and make time and space available for children to play.

* Jesus said, “Don’t stop children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.”: Children have an important place in the society. They are worth to be part of it and be taken seriously.

Play: Children learn through play by using all senses and their whole body. It stimulates brain development, because many new connections in the brain are made.

Create: Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation are essential life skills developed through play.

Evolve: Children create many new experiences through play. As a result they will evolve and reach their full potential.


Gerjanne van Ravenhorst
MEd Learning & Innovation

Founder and managing Director
Author - Advisor – Trainer – Coach

Early childhood & Primary education
Expert in play-based learning

Nyamasheke district, Rwanda
+ 250 781447354

TIN number: 108991740

In the past I have worked as an ECE advisor for two VSO projects in Rwanda:
Itegure Kwiga & Itegure Gusoma

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