Itegure Kwiga

Itegure Kwiga or Strengthening School Readiness in Rwanda project (SSRR) is a project funded by Dubai Cares and implemented by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Rwanda from April 2016-September 2019.

The project goal was to improve school-readiness of children in Nyamasheke district through an increase enrollment of children in Early Childhood Education (ECE) schools and an improvement of school-readiness for children entering primary school.

Project activities focused mainly on 30 model schools and community support and education system capacity strengthening.

My responsibilities:

I worked in 3 sectors in Nyamasheke: Shangi, Bushenge and Nyabitekeri. Together with a National Volunteer I worked in 6 Model schools and 6 Neighbouring schools.

My main responsibilities were:

  • Facilitating trainings for ECE teachers, school leaders and community about the play-based ECE CBC.
  • Coaching and mentoring ECE teachers and school leaders.
  • Developing training content for ECE teacher trainings.
  • Build the capacity of colleagues, mainly on Child Development and School Readiness.
  • Developing many teaching and learning materials made from local available materials.
  • Writing case stories and success stories about developmental changes in the schools.


Gerjanne van Ravenhorst
MEd Learning & Innovation

Founder and managing Director
Author - Advisor – Trainer – Coach

Early childhood & Primary education
Expert in play-based learning

Nyamasheke district, Rwanda
+ 250 781447354

TIN number: 108991740

In the past I have worked as an ECE advisor for two VSO projects in Rwanda:
Itegure Kwiga & Itegure Gusoma

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